Summer’s over

Not quite. In fact, it’s hot in Madrid. But playtime is certainly over. I have recently returned to work and we are in full gear to plan the various premieres and the distribution strategy for the film. There’s no confirmed news yet, but got some good stuff cooking.

Expect this blog to get re-activated now, after a few weeks of relative silence.

What is a little worrisome is that I can’t seem to get back in touch with Sujeylin. She’s already gone through two telephone numbers since I last saw her in April, but both are out of action again. Felix, her now ex-boyfriend, told my local producer that she’s not well. So I am worried and want to talk to her to get her story first hand. I did speak to her aunt just yesterday, but she didn’t know anything. She asked me to call back on Sunday. So that’s what I’ll do.

Sujeylin is someone you can always expect interesting things from. Maybe this is the seed of a new follow up film?

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