Managua screening

We have confirmed dates for the Nicaraguan private screening, organized and sponsored by three embassies: Spain, USA and The Netherlands. It will take place on 2 December at 19 hours in the newly constructed Spanish Cultural Center in Managua. I realize there are many screenings to come, but this one is particularly important to me because the audience will be made up out of people related to the film’s issue: government workers, diplomats, NGO people, etc. And the local film crew, obviously. Sujeylin won’t be there (her choice), but I’ll personally show her the film the day before. I truly hope she likes it.

I have a deal with Sujeylin that there won’t be any public screenings in Nicaragua, in order to protect her privacy. So this is the only one we can and will do. Considering I spent a lot of time there to shoot the film, I am extra excited and grateful for this opportunity.

Meanwhile, the Spanish have asked me to do a workshop for young Nicaraguan documentary makers as well as a master class for the more senior ones. The former will be very practical, where we will spend three days working on ideas they have – hopefully to a point where they can deliver a short movie created during the workshop. The latter will be a presentation of a few hours on “objectivity and ethics in documentary production”, one of my favorite subjects since having made Karla’s Arrival.

2 thoughts on “Managua screening

  1. I’m looking forward to see this also in The Netherlands, and I hope that Sujeylin proud is that you give her the oppertunity to show her story to the rest of the world. I wish her all the best. Good luck!


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