The Endless Caravan (2004)

The Endless Caravan is my first ‘serious’ documentary as a producer and a writer, but not as a director. It was helmed by Ariane Mertens, who did an amazing job.

This documentary road-movie follows two 2nd generation Moroccans from Belgium during their intensive annual summer trip to Morocco. Underneath the surface of our young protagonists lingers an identity crisis which confronts them every day. The trip is a metaphor for a double-life with one foot in the West, and another in Morocco.

(pending upload of the film subtitled in English)

Cartel A4

produced for NMO, VRT, RTBF & 2M by El Rayo Films (Madrid)
directed by Ariane Mertens
producer: Koen Suidgeest
co-producers: Daniel de Valck & Anne Deligne
written by Ariane Mertens & Koen Suidgeest
camera: Dominique Henri
sound recordist: Thierry Tirtiaux
editor: An Francx