Girl Connected (2016)

Five teenage girls from five countries show us how rewarding it can be to swim against the tide. In Bangladesh, Peru, Jordan, India and Kenya, each one of the five young women are an inspiration to others because they decided to follow their hearts and realize their dreams. In this documentary, each protagonist is an inspiration to her peers and sparks them into action in order to transform their own lives. We witness their day-to-day activities and learn about what encouraged them to challenge existing notions of gender inequality.

produced for ITVS by Kan Koen Media
written & directed by Koen Suidgeest
producers: Koen Suidgeest & Christi Collier
camera: Koen Suidgeest
sound recordist: Tjodi van Elk
editor: Phil Jandaly
music composer: Nicki Wells
sound designer: Hugo Dijkstal