Street children with babies

In October of 2008, I photographed six teenage street mothers and their recent babies at a young mothers facility in Managua, Nicaragua. This year I am going back to try to find them.

I took the pictures as part of my research for the documentary film Karla’s Arrival. The girls were between 12 and 17 years old. All six had been rescued from the street and were able to spend the first year with their newborns in this home, ran by the NGO Casa Alianza. Besides shelter and meals, they received medical and psychological attention, and were each taught a skill to make a living with once they were reunited with their families.

In April of 2016, I will return to Nicaragua to try to find these women to see how they have fared in life, and what has become of their children. The babies are now seven or eight. Are they living a healthy and happy childhood? Are they going to school? And what has become of their mothers?

The result will be a photo exhibition which touches a recurring theme in my life: motherhood and poverty, and how the babies inadvertently change the course of these women’s lives. The series already has a publication commitment from Dutch human rights magazine, One World.

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